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jessica fritz

Professional info


Currently, I am interning with Gannett at their video production center in Atlanta, GA. Over the past year, I have been a producer, reporter, writer, acnhor, editor, assignment editor, and associate producer for Grady Newsource at the University of Georgia.

Work experience
Intern-Gannett Video Production Center

​June 2014-July 2014


Find potentially-viral videos from Gannett stations across the country, then edit them for the USA Today website. Additional editing included "Critic's Corner" pieces and USA Today Instagram videos. Set up and record live events (i.e., White House pressers, breaking news) and distribute them across the Gannett network, including USA Today. Co-create and edit the Gannett Digital Interns video for future interns to see what it is like to work with such a big company. Sit in on interviews with well-known people to assist in asking them questions and finding the right bites for the USA Today "5 Questions" pieces. Record and edit the 2014 Emmy nominations video for USA Today's homepage. Foster relationships across the Gannett network, both locally and nationally, for the Video Production Center family. 



Student Assistant-University of Georgia

​2013- present


Desk Assistant for the University of Georgia. Answer phone calls, set up appointments, and manage the public in their computer usage. Assist students with various needs (locating offices, checking out books, etc.).Work with computer operations, as well as interact with the general public on a daily basis. 
















2010 - present

2010 - present

Education & academic involvement



University of Georgia

​2011 - present


Currently attending for a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree, majoring in Digital and Broadcast Journalism. I am also minoring in Fashion Merchandising. My expected graduation date is set for December 2014. 


UGA Grady Newsource & Mock Show

August 2013- May 2014


Multiple Positions: Producer, Graphics, 19, Cameras, Reporter, Photographer, Editor, Web Producer, Anchor, Associate Producer, Assignment Editor, Writer

Producer: Create a rundown for the show, assign packages as well as VO/SOTs, dictate which cameras should be used for each story, decide what graphic sources should be used throughout the show (over-the-shoulder, full-screen, etc.), and encourage and motivate the news team in order to gain the best and most positive attitudes for the show. It should be noted that I am the only Newsource student to have produced multiple shows.

Associate Producer: work alongside Executive Producer to write teases, help create run-down, and oversee issues in production.

Assignment Editor: Gather information on packages and write leads for said packages.

Writer: Research and write stories for live broadcast.

Anchor: Perform as a live anchor at the desk by delivering stories, presenting packages, and conducting crosstalk with other anchors on the show.

Graphics: create slides for different full-screen graphics and have them ready to be pulled for the live show.

19: Controls playback for commercials, VOs, SOTs, show opening, and disclaimer.

Cameras: operate the cameras for the news room during the live after-show.

Reporter: find and report stories that impact locals in the community. Interview people involved with said story, and write script for Package or VO/SOT.

Photographer: Shoot, edit, and compile footage and video for packages, voice overs, and interviews.

Editor: Edit, correct, and oversee the stories for accuracy and spelling/grammar before they go on the air.

Web Producer: Decide what gets put on the web for Grady Newsource, choose the order in which they are delivered, and control what gets put out on all social media for the show.

Put together packages for live broadcast, i.e. shoot, compile, and edit footage for each package.

Gather information for stories, such as interviews and background information on said subject/topic.

Work on audio/visual presentations of stories.

Assist in the production of newscasts and their creation.

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